JCHS Annual Carry-In Dinner

The President of neighboring White County’s Historical Society, Kean MacOwan, will present “Early Pioneers Then and Now” as his topic for the program for the Jasper County Historical Society’s Annual Carry-In Dinner.

Jasper County Historical Society members and guests are asked to bring “a dish to pass” to add to our President and Vice President Buschman teams’ famous chicken and noodles and roast beef main dishes and Elizabeth Waymire’s mashed potatoes.  Salads, vegetables, and desserts are welcome.  Drinks, paper plates, napkins, and dinner service will be provided by the Society.

Come and enjoy a look back into our area’s early history at the Museum, 479 N Van Rensselaer Street at 6:00 PM, Tuesday, June 21st, 2016.

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